Foreign Serial Killers You’ve Never Heard About: PART 2

We previously asked why Americans are so obsessed with serial killers, and later why Americans are so obsessed with their own serial killers, and then why we don’t talk about how many insane foreign serial killers stalk citizens of their own countries overseas. In part one of our series on foreign serial killers, we discussed a Colombian with hundreds of murders under his belt — who will likely be released from prison before his 2,000-year sentence has expired — and a man aptly named the “Terminator” for snuffing out entire families in a single night.

Alexander Pichushkin’s body count isn’t quite as high as some of the others we’ve named, but he makes our list on the sheer creep factor alone. We don’t know quite how far he made it, but the goal was to murder enough people to fill the squares on a chessboard (that’s 68, for all of you non-fans out there). But he believed in baby steps, so there were other goals along the way. For example, he wanted to surpass the body count of the Rostov Ripper who had killed 53 women and children. Child’s play, if you will.

Pichushkin was especially creepy because of the sexual nature of the crimes, which he called a “perpetual orgasm.” He would routinely kill older homeless men, leaving the bottle of vodka he shared with them inside of their skulls after bludgeoning them to death. At least they enjoyed a last drink before they met their maker. After his arrest in 2006, he was kept in a glass cage during the trial, which resulted in a verdict of life in prison.

Yang Xinhai was a Chinese serial killer who would use axes, meat cleavers and, when he got bored, shovels to take out entire families. It is believed he killed more than 300 people from the years 2000 to 2003 after he experienced an especially bad breakup. He said, “I have no desire to be part of society. Society is not my concern.”