Foreign Serial Killers You’ve Never Heard About

International news is one of the most popular segments in mainstream media — but it’s usually dominated by cycles about Russia, China, or the Middle East. Rarely do we hear about what’s going on in smaller African or South American countries. Even more rarely than that do we hear about individuals who cause a big stir. Serial killers certainly live and breathe outside of the United States, and citizens of other countries find them just as scary as we do here.

Luis Garavito was a Colombian mass-murderer with a body count so high we’re not even sure of the exact number. Specialists theorize it could be as high as 300, but we’ve confirmed that Garavito has killed at least 138 people. They were all young boys. He raped, tortured, and killed them all. Although sentenced to nearly 2,000 years in prison, he’ll probably be released early because Colombia doesn’t let anyone stew in a cell for more than three decades. Oh, and Garavito wants to jump into politics upon release. Maybe he’ll be the Colombian Donald Trump!

Pedro Rodrigues (or the Pedrinho Matador) killed over 100 people between the years 1966 and 1973 — but if that seems like it was a long time ago, keep in mind he was only 14 when the first body dropped. Apparently, the guy doesn’t want anyone else to rival his killer skills. He stated that he would kill anyone with a bodycount as high or higher than his.

Anatoly Onoprienko killed at least 52 people in only seven years, and he obtained the nickname the “Beast of Ukraine” as a result. He is also sometimes called “The Terminator.” He was arrested for the murders in 1995. Why did he do it? According to him, the voices in his head told him to. He was known to have killed entire families as part of a ritual. He died in prison from heart failure.