Famous Crimes And Criminals You Never Heard About

How comfortable are you with your neighbors? Possibly more comfortable than you should be, if this list is anything to go by — because there are probably dozens of uncaught serial killers operating in the United States, or so our most trust authorities say. Even those criminals who were caught have a lot to teach us about the ones that might elude capture, both through their own stories and also by divining the truth from a pack of lies. 

Darren Deon Vann was caught and charged for murdering a prostitute in 2014. Most everyone thought that would be the end of his story, which is why the news never gained much traction. Since then, though, he confessed to at least six more murders. And he wasn’t just a serial killer — he also was charged and convicted for aggravated rape more than a decade ago. For his serial activities, he faces the death penalty. 

Remember when the remains of four unlucky victims were found near a Connecticut strip mall back in 2015? Or how about the three other bodies that were found in that exact same spot in 2007? William Devin Howell was caught and charged with the entire lot of murders. Howell was such a dark figure that he called his getaway 1985 Ford Econoline his murder mobile. He was given away by a cellmate after he was caught and charged for manslaughter back in 2007.

Salvatore Perrone murdered several ethnically Middle Eastern shopkeepers during business hours in Brooklyn. It was possible he was envious of their success, as his own business — and his marriage — had failed. The evidence against him was so powerful that a jury took barely a half-hour to convict him of the three counts of murder. He was nicknamed “Son of Sal” but we bet you’ve never heard of him!