Part I: Who Are The Most Famous Copycat Killers?

This website is dedicated to the murderous psychopaths who have captured the national (and sometimes international) spotlight, for better or for worse. But sometimes, as bad as those criminals are, there are even crazier individuals who are captivated in exactly the wrong way. These lunatics turn into copycat killers. Once in a blue moon, the copycats are worthy successors to the original murderers. Here are the most famous copycat killers!

Daniel Bartlam. This guy is one of those really special killers who give politicians sufficient ammo when blaming violent video games for violent acts (because he liked them). He smashed Jacqueline Bartlam, his mother, in the head with a hammer, then set her on fire along with the rest of the house. But don’t worry — he helped the family and the dog escape their burning home.

He told investigators that a crook did the dirty deed. Unfortunately it took them all of two seconds to uncover the truth, thanks in large part due to the 14-year-old’s internet history. He had performed an online search on how to get away with the aforementioned crime. To make matters more transparent, he had also downloaded a number of videos of John Stape, a fictional character in the TV series Coronation Street

How did Stape kill his victims? Yep, he used his trusty ol’ hammer. The reclusively boyish Bartram was named the Coronation Killer for this peculiar obsession. He was sentenced to life in prison in February 2012. Potentially, he could be released after serving only sixteen years. 

Mark Twitchell. This nutcase is another guy who really liked TV psychopaths. The producers of popular dark dramedy Dexter probably never envisioned that the fictional/murderous protagonist would inspire any real-world murders, but alas — Dexter Morgan did exactly that. Although Twitchell had found his serial killing idol, he would never live up to the name. Twitchell only managed to commit a single murder before he was caught.

Twitchell wasn’t one for shame, either. He made a fake profile on a dating site in order to pose as a woman and lure a couple men to his kill room, where coincidentally he had already been making an actual movie about a serial killer. One of those men escaped.

He was another moron who left way too much obvious evidence behind. Like, don’t these guys even watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation? One would think it’d be the first item on their list. Twitchell had a document called “SKConfessions” on his laptop. It read: “This story is based on true events. The names and events were altered slightly to protect the guilty. This is the story of my progression into becoming a serial killer.”

Before he was found guilty on a 1st degree murder charge, he tried to build a defense based on “blame the media.” He was put away for at least 25 years.

Stay tuned for “Part II” of the Looney Tunes.