Will The Trial Of Joe Biden Become The Biggest Of The Century?

Mid-October was a tumultuous moment in the spotlight for both the Trump and Biden presidential campaigns. The New York Post — a sensational tabloid — dropped a piece on Biden’s supposed connection to the Burisma Ukraine scandal, to which the Trump administration has been trying and failing to connect Biden ever since impeachment rocked the White House. But those ideas were largely dismissed as absurd, conspiratorial nonsense. They were quickly debunked by members of Trump’s own administration.

But that certainly did not stop Fox News from asking why the host of Biden’s town hall-style meeting failed to ask about the Post’s allegations. Why ask a candidate about rumors that were never true? There was no information provided by the Post to indicate any veracity to its reports, and, as expected, the tabloid refused to provide the laptop and its supposed email treasure trove to forensics teams. 

Fox also lambasted the host of Trump’s town hall-style meeting for back and forth arguments — which the host used to separate fact from fiction. The facts are the facts, but for the most part every statement out of Trump’s mouth was fiction. Biden does not lie or misconstrue the truth nearly as often as Trump and his cronies, which is probably why his administration never caught the same heat as the Trump administration. 

These accusations were probably only aimed at accomplishing one thing: changing the corruption narrative plaguing President Trump to one plaguing Biden instead. They wanted Biden to spend more time on defense instead of promoting programs aimed at civil rights or environmental awareness during a hurricane season that has costed states many billions of dollars in hurricane damage claims. The number of named storms set records.

Although the accusations were not borne of truth, that didn’t stop the major networks from running away with them. Thankfully, fact-checkers quickly went to work.

During the same town hall, Trump repeated the false statement that the Obama administration had spied on his campaign and “got caught,” although those lies had already been debunked by federal investigations. Trump had previously said he was upset with United States Attorney General Bill Barr because he refused to indict Biden or Obama on charges — which, of course, he cannot do because there were no crimes committed. 

Trump also regurgitated lies about coronavirus, namely that it was almost behind us, that 85 percent of mask wearers get the virus, and that Dr. Anthony Fauci had said that Americans should not wear masks before reversing course — which, while true, removed the context. Fauci knew that there was a mask shortage and that, while effective, they would be more useful in the hands of healthcare providers. When the shortage ended, Fauci told Americans to buy masks.

Biden had previously said that he would not stand in the way of prosecution against Trump, although most legal scholars seemed to believe it could never happen. If Trump were to lose the election, surely he would resign so that Pence could pardon him for any crimes committed. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but the outlook is grim on trials for Biden and Trump both.